Benefiting Businesses

Holistic Health London can bring real benefits to your business. Happier and healthier employees take less time off sick and perform better when they are at work.

When affected by work stress, people may:

  • have difficulty sleeping
  • have difficulty thinking logically and making decisions
  • become increasingly distressed and irritable
  • become unable to relax or concentrate
  • experience serious physical problems
  • enjoy their work less and feel less committed to it
  • feel tired, depressed, anxious

These challenges can affect individual performance, and ultimately the well-being of the business, we can help.

Sessions are held for individuals or groups. Group sessions are ideal if participants share a common work-related challenge they wish to resolve.

Give it a trial

It’s easy. Lucinda comes to your place of work – you just need to provide a suitable private room or she can offer relaxation at a person’s desk.  Offering taster sessions is the best way for people to understand how beneficial Reiki is, for instance.

We offer Trial Sessions. These are tailor made to suit your needs: for example, 4 individual treatments plus an introductory group talk on EFT techniques. The talk includes simple breathing and stretching exercises; it’s a fun and informative experience.  Lucinda can also come for half a day and give Reiki taster treatments, allowing people to experience the benefits of relaxation and de-stressing.

Then you might like to make a regular booking for our Corporate Calm days: 6-8 individual treatments and one group session.

The individual treatments include EFT, Reiki and other therapies, to deal with personal and work related matters.

Research says:- Stress is costly, especially for small firms where cover for sick employees is difficult to arrange. Stress can reduce the effectiveness of employees and lead to higher rates of absence. Research estimates that 12.8 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2004/5. Each new case of stress leads to an average of 29 days off work. Work-related stress costs society about £3.7 billion every year (at 1995/6 prices).


Want to help your employees and benefit your business ?
Do get in touch with Lucinda by phone or email.

“Lucinda has always been very warm and loving & very welcoming with a  lovely calmness in the way she explain things; very patient & open
RK, Earlsfield

Gift Vouchers

Available for sessions of:
EFT • Reiki • Ear Candling

Re-balance yourself with some well deserved relaxation and energy boosting therapies
Only £70 when purchased online.
Valid for a single 1-hour session of your choice.
(Gift vouchers: non-refundable, valid for 6 months.)

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