Children differ greatly from adults on physical, emotional and psychological planes. The physical differences are plain to see, but what cannot be seen by the naked eye is the sheer resilience of children’s physiologies, in spite of their smaller, more delicate frames. Similarly, children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing may appear simple and unaffected by everyday events—as hardy as their physical selves—but here too, there is a delicacy and innocence that must be respected at the risk of inadvertently scarring children and damaging their foundation for healthy, balanced adult lives.

Bearing this in mind, there is rightly a fair amount of hesitation on the part of parents when their children undergo harsh Western medical treatments, often involving invasive procedures and a heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals. The psychological impact and physical side effects of this approach to healing are sometimes not worth the benefits of the treatments themselves.

Holistic healing, on the other hand, is ideal for children, looking at each aspect of what may be the root cause of a given condition, problem or ailment, and using natural, non-invasive treatments that greatly reduce any risk of negative side effects or emotional trauma.

Opting for holistic healthcare for your child also sets the stage for them to develop a healthy, well-balanced outlook on their bodies, their emotional and psychological health, their interaction with others, and their overall behaviour. Rather than adopting the Western approach of ‘just pop a pill’ or ‘cover it up with a plaster’, children can learn to consider things holistically, fostering a deep-rooted respect for the importance of nutrition and the power of positive energy.

Importantly, holistic health support teaches children the value of spirituality so they can grow up understanding that they are made up of more than just their physical selves. They will also learn natural, healthy ways of coping with stress, relieving tension and building concentration; this way, from childhood right through to adulthood, your child will understand the need to look inward and connect with the inner self when faced with difficulty or stress rather than turning to prescription medication, alcohol or drugs to mask or numb their emotions.

It is during our childhood years and adolescence that many of our behavioural patterns, compulsions and habits are formed, so take the time to consider whether holistic healing might be the better option for addressing your child’s problems, whether they are physical or otherwise. For more information, contact us at Holistic Health London today.

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