This natural and simple holistic healing technique first originated in Japan, and entails the use of the subtle yet effective Reiki energy to heal and improve a host of emotional, mental and physical ailments—from headaches and bee stings to heart disease and leukaemia.

Reiki treatment has recently been growing in popularity in the Western world, with some hospitals now offering Reiki healing to patients, it continues to be shrouded in a fair amount of doubt and misinformation. Here, we hope to shed light on the importance, safety and effectiveness of Reiki as a healing technique that can help anyone, anywhere, no matter their illness.

Natural, simple healing

When administering Reiki, practitioners simply place their hands on different areas of the body, usually for no more than 10 minutes per area; patients are fully clothed and may experience glowing warmth or a soothing tingling sensation—or even nothing at all. The experience varies for each person as the Reiki energy makes its way through the body, supporting the natural healing process and removing pain. No equipment is needed, and the process is not invasive in any way.

Using the energy within you

We are all made of vibrating molecules and despite its apparent simplicity; centuries of use have proven Reiki to be efficacious time and again in the treatment of virtually any illness, ailment or emotional issue. No matter your age, gender or religious beliefs, Reiki harnesses your own life force energy to naturally boost your energy levels, relieve stress and anxiety and encourage the healing of the physical self. In fact, Reiki can be used on all living beings, even pets.

Safe no matter your illness or treatment plan

To enjoy the many positive effects of Reiki on the body, mind and spirit, there is no need to renounce your other treatment methods, regardless of whether or not these are orthodox. Reiki energy healing can be used on its own or in conjunction with any other form of healing; indeed, Reiki complements and encourages the effectiveness of all other healing or care methods.

Although applicable to any malady, Reiki is most commonly used to address issues and illnesses relating to stress, tension, sleep disorders, low spirits, emotional turmoil and support those receiving cancer treatments; it has shown equally effective in the treatment of chronic pain (headaches, back pain ++) and conditions such as rheumatism and scoliosis. It can take several sessions but the results can be amazing.


At Holistic Health London, we have extensive experience in helping patients from all walks of life with Reiki energy healing, allowing them to change their attitudes, health, and lives for the better. To learn more on how Reiki energy healing could improve your health and wellbeing, contact us today.

It should be noted that Lucinda also teaches Reiki and for more information do please contact her.

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