Mmmm … is that supposed to mean? There is much in the papers about Mental Health – it makes us all sound as though we’re all about to go into meltdown.

Well, to be honest, without a little care to a greater or lesser degree, many of us will, either at work or at home, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I have just had 10 weeks off after a foot operation. I thought recovery would take 4 weeks to recover. I would then be back working my usual 6/7 days a week. It has taught me some salutary lessons:

  1. Working like that for so long is not good for anyone
  2. Work life balance had gone out of the window and the only people that suffered were those I cared fore
  3. The money isn’t worth it
  4. Patience is a virtue

And not least

  1. Life is too short to spend all of it working

It took me 4 weeks to wind down, 6 weeks to accept that not working so hard was ok and accepting help was fine, 9 weeks to realise that working less didn’t mean being less productive – it could mean doing things a different way which might take a shorter a shorter time!

So, when you go – “OK universe, I am ready for change, show me the way” – make sure you are ready to be “open-minded” to what may come.  It may not always be what you are expecting or what you are thinking about, it could seem the same on the outside but be different on the inside.

Being mindful is being aware of what is around you and what is happening, what you say and how you say it – changing “I can’t” (negative) to “what if I could” (positive), Not ‘Why me’ to ‘What could I change’  there are so many ways to change a negative to a positive.



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