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Is Reiki Energy Healing Right for You?

This natural and simple holistic healing technique first originated in Japan, and entails the use of the subtle yet effective Reiki energy to heal and improve a host of emotional, mental and physical ailments—from headaches and bee stings to heart disease and...

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Anti-Inflammatory foods for Arthritis

Load Up on Omega-3 Fatty Acids Some of the anti-inflammatory foods are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Add fatty fish like mackerel, herring, salmon, and tuna to your diet, or take a fish oil supplement. If fish is not your favourite food, try eating more nuts like...

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What Makes Aloe Vera a Wonder Plant?

Aloe vera has been used in holistic healing for centuries by different cultures all around the world; it is even said that aloes have been used medicinally since the first century AD. Available today in different forms—as a gel, juice or supplement—aloes remain hugely...

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Infants during this time can experience anything from discomfort, making them fractious and clingy to severe pain with dribbling, diarrhoea and disturbed sleep patterns At a time like this infants chew anything to hand Chewing on liquorice stick (the natural stick)....

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3 Ways Ear Candling Can Benefit You

Ear candling (also known as thermo-auricular therapy) is a simple, non-invasive holistic treatment that can be used to address a number of common ailments or problems relating to the ear, nose and throat. Widely considered an ancient practice used in countries and...

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“I had an amazing Reiki session with Lucinda. I didn’t go into the session with any specific physical ailments or needs, yet I have the feeling that it really unblocked some things for me. The session was deeply relaxing, and I look forward to future Reiki sessions with Lucinda. She has lovely energy, and is very intuitive. I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki treatment and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone”.
MG, Isle of Wight

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