Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan. The belief is that Reiki works with the chakra system through the use of the hand-positions, which normally correspond to the seven major chakras on the body.

The morning I came to see Lucinda was a busy morning for me. Already the shadows of a headache were pressing on my temples and my mind was a whirl of the many things still to do.

Lucinda spent a few moments making me comfortable, running through any medical conditions she should know about, and describing the treatment and how it worked, then directed me to a run-of-the-mill massage table, where I lay down fully-clothed. With soothing music playing in the background, and a cosy blanket tucked around my feet, Lucinda then placed her hands on various points of my body—starting with my head, neck and working down to my toes.

I felt very relaxed—it was unbelievably lovely to take time out for half an hour and not think about anything while Lucinda literally held my head in her warm hands and slowly my headache melted away.

The idea behind Reiki is simply that the practitioner channels energy onto the recipient, allowing the recipient‘s own body to do what healing work needs to be done. It is complementary as opposed to an alternative therapy and so works with any other medical or physical discipline. Although Reiki has yet to gain scientific endorsement, and is not yet proven clinically to have any effect, Lucinda tells me that it is used widely in oncology wards, (I hear that UCH are conducting clinical trials in the chemotherapy department, the haematology nursing research team have designed a clinical trial to examine the effects of Reiki on patient quality of life). She tells me of a time when a sceptical dad watched her place her hands on his sick child’s back while she played in a hospital waiting room, and how he ran after Lucinda afterwards to tell her his daughter was skipping down the corridor. To an ordinary parent that sounds normal, but to this dad it was a joyous experience to see his ill daughter so full of energy. To Lucinda, that is proof enough that Reiki works.

So what are the benefits?

It is deeply relaxing, promotes the feeling of wellbeing, it may help with pain, energising the immune system and sleep problems. It may help if you are feeling low, anxious or stressed

Is Reiki for everyone?

Yes it is for everyone, old, young, children and those who are pregnant; it would appear that the unborn baby loves it and animals.

Sessions with Lucinda

Lucinda offers treatments in Earlsfield & Balham but if someone is truly unable to travel then a home visit can be undertaken.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. There are no side effects.