Reiki – What is it?

Well, to begin with, the word ‘Reiki’ means; Universal Life Force and there are about 25 forms of Reiki out there.  

To start at the beginning, Dr Usui started Reiki in Japan in the early 1920s and all the other forms of Reiki have stemmed from there.  Usui was the original Reiki and later spread to the west by Hawayo Takata, a Japanese woman. Then there became various off shoots of the original Usui Reiki such as Tibetan, Karuna, Kundalini, Angel, Shamballa the better known to the lesser known like Tiger and so many more.

Reiki and Healing

Healing is defined as a process, which contributes to a sense of wholeness and inner peace. Reiki is a method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. Reiki assists in clearing our subtle energy system to release denser energies.  Reiki strengthens the chakras, qualifying them to receive and transmit high frequency healing light.

Reiki and Life Force Energy

Life force energy is an unseen energy, in the same way that electricity is an unseen energy which gives us light. We know electricity is there and activated by flicking a switch, just like a Reiki practitioner does with the flow of energy when channelling Reiki. There is energy that flows through all living beings, as we are all made of molecules. The molecules vibrate and the vibration creates energy.

This energy plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process. The life force energy flows through the subtle energy system and the chakras, filling the entire physical body. Conflicting thoughts and feelings about the presence of stress produces toxins in the body. Stress and toxins disrupt and weaken the flow of life force energy, rendering the body susceptible to illness.

Reiki is a technique that creates deep relaxation, in turn helping the body to eliminate the physical and emotional effects of unrelieved stress. Thereby, the energy in the body is balanced, making the person feel relaxed and at peace. 

Many of the benefits of Reiki as a practice include: opening blocked energy; relaxing the body and the mind; increasing energy; promoting creativity; assisting the immune system; encouraging deeper sleep; rebalancing and harmonising all of which is done through relaxation. 

It has a wonderful link into the emotional level of our brain where we can release and let go of much without having to talk about it. It is unlikely to happen in one session but that is ok just be prepared for that!


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