Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force, works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to restore our energy balance. Reiki flows into the body, reaching the areas that need support, soothing pain and helping the body’s natural healing process. Think of it as charging the body’s energy battery.

Reiki can benefit people of all ages, including the elderly, pregnant women, children and babies; it also helps animals. It is believed to work on all living beings, even at a distance. Reiki is often used to help with:-

  • Stress, tension, agitation
  • Sleeplessness
  • Emotional distress, past present and future
  • Feeling unable to cope
  • Low spirits
  • Chronic pain
  • Rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica and scoliosis
  • Low energy levels
  • M.E

Reiki supports all forms of treatment, both orthodox and complementary.

Many cancer patients say that Reiki helps reduce the side effects of their cancer treatments; this can be given both in and out of hospital.

What happens?

Each Reiki session lasts about an hour. The Reiki practitioner will gently place their hands on different areas of your body. You might feel mild tingling, pins and needles, pleasant warmth or coolness, or perhaps nothing at all.

No special equipment is needed. You can either sit or relax on a couch. There is no need to remove any clothing (only shoes and glasses), as Reiki can pass through anything – even plaster casts!

Some problems might be resolved in one session. Others (eg chronic pain) may take longer.

We have more questions answered in the FAQ section on the About page.

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“I first started seeing Lucinda Peyton-Jones in September 2016 as I was starting chemotherapy after being given a terminal diagnosis for stage 3 cancer. it is now April 2018 and miraculously I have been given the all clear.  I saw Lucinda on a regular basis and there is no doubt Lucinda is amazing when it comes to Reiki and helped me through this difficult period in my life.

I continue to see Lucinda on a regular basis and feel incredibly light and happy during my treatments.

I’m extremely grateful to Lucinda for all her hard work and the positive energy she has been able to give me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

~ Joel Charlot, cancer free currently