This sounds so much like a “woowoo” phrase – it is being used so much these days, along with “wellbeing” and “mindfulness” … and complementary to what?  It can be so confusing. I was with new friend the other day who said that they had never heard of these therapies until she started networking with a group of women, some of whom had trained in many different types of treatments and techniques to help us all on an holistic level – and that shocked me (as a Reiki therapist) and made me think … how many more people don’t know?

Well, “complementary” does not mean free. (That’s complimentary!)  It means “as well as”, “in conjunction with” “works alongside of” and there is a whole raft of therapies out there.

Some are more recognised than others: Alexander Technique, Acupuncture, Reflexology, aromatherapy, massage… and then there are some that are less well known like Bowen, Rolfing, Reiki, Acupressure, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping).

All of these have their place and will work alongside conventional medicines, allopathic medicines and treatments.  In many cases, if you are on long-term medication you may experience various side effects which are stressful.  The complementary therapy may help you relax, be calmer or even reduce side effects.

Many people use them regularly as a way of keeping a healthy, balanced and harmonised body, coping with what life throws at you and helping have a good work/life balance.  In the same way that you keep your car tuned and serviced, it is important to keep your body fit and healthy in and tip-top condition both mentally and physically. 

To do this, a monthly “tune-up” is an ideal way to do it and it is really important to look after yourself on a regular basis with ‘Me Time’.  Many practitioners will offer you a package which will allow you a discount for multiple block sessions, I would recommend Reiki and EFT (but then, I am biased), that way, you manage mind and body holistically and nip any niggles in the bud, before the mole hill becomes a mountain.  Of course, if you come to me, I can teach you tips and tricks of ways to cope with things on a daily basis that you can do for yourself and be self-sufficient.


So, contact me & book in a session. You can see package details on the Pricing page.
I should warn you, you may not be able to manage everything in one session, which is why I have various packages to suit everyone!

All the best,
Lucinda Peyton-Jones
Reiki Master/Teacher

“Having suffered from a chronic health condition for over 30 years, I often live with a lot of pain and as a result, my anxiety and stress levels can be very high. I’ve seen numerous medical professionals but they can only help with the condition and not with the underlying stress that inevitably lives alongside it.

I was looking for someone to help me relax and manage that stress and had heard good things about Reiki. I found Lucinda, and what a find she’s been!  Supportive, understanding, compassionate and most importantly kind. She knows what it’s like to struggle with stress and anxiety and helps you on your journey. Whether it is EFT (which I’d never heard of before but have found very useful) or Reiki, my sessions with Lucinda are an oasis of calm in my week and something I very much look forward to.

She’s an unusual practitioner in that she doesn’t just treat you; she listens too with sympathy and kindness. In recent sessions, she has also been supporting me through IVF, which is a very stressful experience, and she has been a huge help. I always leave her sessions feeling calm, centred and far more relaxed than when I arrive, and you realise the impact stress has on your entire wellbeing. Lucinda helps balance your body again and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her.

A very special lady.”

~ Angela C.